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Images on my site with a "buy" button over them are for sale. Prints are available on most items, digital downloads are available on other select items and are sold under the terms I've outlined below.

If you find an image you're interested in that isn't already up for sale with a "buy" button or would like special terms or consideration, please contact me for more information.

Thanks for your interest!

Purchase Terms: All images are Copyrighted and are NOT public domain. Purchase of prints does not imply transfer of copyright, ownership, or endorsement for commercial use. You may not duplicate, distribute, resell, or use for commercial purposes1 any of these images without prior permission. Personal digital-download licenses do not transfer copyright nor allow widespread public posting of these images,
you may however use the images on your non-commercial website for your own personal use.
Specific usage license/rights are included with the personal download license. Stock-Photo purchasers shall buy a commercial download. Commercial interests are obliged to order images with a commercial license, and shall comply with the commercial license provided. Commercial and stock photo purchases allow usage rights but do not transfer ownership or copyright. Watermarks seen on-line do not appear on the final prints or downloads. Unless otherwise specified I have no model or property releases on file for aerial work. Appropriate and legal use of images is your reponsibility
A summary of digital download sizes, plus copies of the personal and commercial licenses are available from our host Smugmug. More information is available at my download-sizes page.

Commercial Website Usage
The standard commercial use license states: as part of a commercial website for promotional purposes (maximum 800x600pixels) use,
but I can relax that provision up to the full 1-megapixel size if absolutely necessary - permission is granted on a case by case basis. If you need to use a larger than 800x600 image on your website just ask!

Print Sizes: Some of these images have unusual dimensions. You should attempt to order the best format that fits the image. If you have any questions about image sizes, formats, or ordering prints, please write me for details.

Note: Some aerial images are odd sizes, please specify no crop! Those prints may have white borders that require trimming due to their odd dimensions - this is normal.

1commercial use is allowed only when a commercial license is purchased

Downloadable Sizes
Some images may be purchased as digital downloads for personal or commercial use, depending on the license you buy. Keep in mind you are purchasing a license to use the image. You are not purchasing ownership or copyright to the image itself.

Images may be available in 1-megapixel (appx 1224x816 pixels), 4-megapixel (appx 2448x1632 pixels), or the original size.
The original size may vary slightly from image to image but are in the 9-12mp range (3850x2590 to 4288x2848)*.

A brief summary of what digital downloads are, plus a copy of the personal and commercial licenses is available from our host Smugmug

*The availability of image sizes may be limited on some images
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